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From conceptualisation through to delivery, we have it covered.


Think Lighting can undertake comprehensive lighting design across a range of platforms – AGI32, Dialux as well as Perfect Lite which at all times can be independently verified.


We offer complete project management and logistics service solutions.


Here at Think Lighting we consider one of our most important attributes is our focus on after sales service and care.


Intelligent Lighting Controls

Creative Lighting is synonymous with its lighting controls brand Control Freak and since its inception in 1989 from its Queensland, Australia base, Creative have developed a highly reliable range of lighting control products using open source protocols from DALI, RDM, DMX to Android and BACnet.

Such is the esteem for its range of lighting controls and commissioning tools, Creative products are sold all over the world with numerous reference installations existing in both the northern and southern hemisphere.

The lighting control products include a range of ethernet DALI controllers, serial DALI/DMX controllers, DALI 0-10V convertors, DALI distribution and commissioning points, pulse width modulation dimmers for both constant voltage and constant current devices, as well as DALI/DMX/RDM/DSI commissioning devices.

Perpetual research and development is embedded in the DNA of this organisation with personnel who love what they do. Creative Lighting continues to develop intuitive and easy to operate robust lighting control systems.


Wireless Outdoor Control Systems

Empowering intelligence is TVILight’s mantra with the company seeking to contribute to the creation of sustainably connected cities.

TVILight achieve this by designing and developing best in class sensor lighting controls, wireless communication and data management systems.

From its headquarters in Groningen in The Netherlands, a range of wireless sensor devices and controls are conceived to enable on-demand systems in order to optimise infrastructure energy consumption and lighting system efficiency.

When TVILight’s sensor-based wireless outdoor lighting control devices are combined with its CityManager web-based lighting management software, each luminaire can be individually controlled, managed, plus securely monitored remotely. In addition the system allows for the collection of real-time data such as energy consumption, local occupancy levels and maintenance needs.

TVILight has just been adopted by the City of Berlin.


Exterior Street and Decorative Luminaires

The origins of the Vulkan Company date back to Cologne, Germany in 1898 making them one of the oldest brands in the European lighting industry.

Vulkan today is a member of the Nordeon Group and produces highly energy efficient luminaires in Europe using advanced LED solutions.

With over 100 years of experience, Vulkan delivers a range of aesthetically pleasing, technically refined exterior luminaires which satisfy the most stringent lighting standard compliance requirements for residential roads, traffic routes, conflict zones and public facilities.

Vulkan LED luminaires offer multiple light distributions featuring precise optical control to suit the most demanding of applications and a variety of lighting control options together with a piece of mind 10 year warranty.

The Vulkan V3630 has recently been formally accepted and approved for use by Auckland Transport.  


Industrial and Retail Lighting Systems

With its heritage born out of Philips Professional Lighting and AEG Germany, Nordeon has significant experience in the design and engineering of both LED and conventional technology luminaires.

Established in 2012 with the acquisition of Philips’ professional luminaire manufacturing and development facility in Springe, Germany, Nordeon today has over 600 employees across 3 sites in Western Europe and a further site in the USA.

Following significant investment in LEAN manufacturing processes across the various sites, production is now both highly automated and highly flexible, enabling rapid manufacturing across its product variants.

Nordeon’s commercial product range has been developed with a particular focus on retail systems and industrial lighting.

The Baldur Retail Track system, a recipient of both the GIO and Red Dot awards for design excellence, is an example of this company’s capabilities and an indication of what to expect as the product range develops and grows.


Custom-made LED Extrusion

XTRU is Think Lighting’s range of architectural LED linear and curved extruded aluminium profile which is manufactured to our own exacting specifications and high standards, right here in Australia. 

Our profiles feature integrated industry leading Zhaga compliant LED modules and fixed output or DSI/DALI/SwitchDIM dimmable LED drivers. With a range of aluminium profile sizes including linear rectangular and linear circular plus curved rectangular profile options, the products are readily configurable to suit challenging project environments and their associated installation constraints.

The products are available in a broad range of lumen packages and can be configured specifically to achieve the client’s desired outcome.

With both a range of standard and custom product finishes, our XTRU range can be tailored to suit the most exacting project requirements. LED correlated colour temperatures include tuneable 2700K to 6500K and 3000K, 4000K and 5000K board options and with a standard colour rendering index >80 or the option of CRI >90 as required.    

Please contact us for further information.


Underwater and Outdoor Luminaires

Wibre are world renowned for their range of exterior and underwater lighting products as can be evidenced by their many reference projects successfully completed throughout the globe.

Founded in 1919 the company is committed to creative lighting solutions and manufacturing with passion for perfection.

From its headquarters in Leingarten in the Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, a range of V4A stainless steel exterior and underwater luminaires are produced for professional applications such as exterior facades, bridges, parks, fountains, swimming pools and decorative water displays.

In addition to the broad product range the company offers, Wibre is fully resourced to undertake individual customisation requests for project specific requirements thereby adding a point of difference and delivering unique and breathtaking solutions.  

With Think Lighting’s most recent reference installation proudly being the Crown Towers in Perth.


Exterior Road, Area, Floodlight and Outdoor Masts

CU Phosco® Lighting is recognised as the largest and premier outdoor lighting group in the United Kingdom.

Established in 1923 and with its headquarters at Ware in Hertfordshire, the company’s products portfolio includes energy efficient LED road, amenity and heritage luminaires, sports floodlighting and high mast lighting solutions.

Features such as their Aeroflow® thermal management solution to maximise the life of their luminaires is just one of the reasons the company are the recipients of numerous Lighting Industry awards recognising the technological excellence of CU Phosco® lighting products. 

Think Lighting proudly distributes CU Phosco® in Western Australia.


Timber Light Columns and Exterior Urban Site Furnishings

Aubrilam has been manufacturing sustainably sourced Glued Laminated timber light poles and urban furniture for the past 35 years from their production facility in Clermont-Ferrand, central France.

Aubrilam seeks to take these functional objects and contribute to the beauty and enhance the landscape and environment in which they are found.

The wood used is slow growth timber giving fine annular rings that are extremely uniform. The glue laminated timber shaft is certified ACERBOIS GLULAM and produced from sustainably managed forests. No chemical treatments are used in the production of the products and the wood waste produced during manufacture is recycled.

Products can be designed or adapted to suit the client’s requirements. Think Lighting proudly distributes Aubrilam throughout Australia.


Exterior Architectural Luminaires and Urban Site Furnishings

From their state of the art production facility in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany this class leading manufacturer of exterior architectural lighting products delivers innovative technology, distinctive design and exceptional quality products.

In addition to their range of exterior architectural lighting solutions, Hess offers a complete range of site furnishings in a harmonious design language thereby delivering a comprehensive and consistent high quality urban design solution.

A further example of the versatility of HESS solutions can be found in their City Elements range which offers the user a configurable lighting column in the form of base, intermediate and top elements, which is completely customisable. With this system, it is possible to choose from a range of lighting elements capable of delivering area, street or façade lighting as well as CCTV and projector distributions. Additionally, the column has the ability to incorporate water or power base elements.

Complexity in design, simplicity in the solution.


Think Lighting is an unparalleled supplier in the Australian and Western Australian market place.

We offer complete and comprehensive solutions, addressing all aspects of exterior urban lighting, its intelligent management thereof as well as supplying ranges of urban site furnishings.

This dynamic product range offers our clients an attractive and holistic solution utilising uniform design language in an efficient, purposeful, considered and practical way.

Each brand has been selected with considerable care due in part to the cutting-edge performance and reliability of their individual product offering, after sales service plus the presence of unique features which serve to elevate the value proposition of the individual products concerned.

In common with our Clients we recognise the importance of selecting products which are dependable and can be relied upon to operate as intended in our arduous Australian Environment.


Created in 2011 with a new approach to lighting distribution where a service orientation ethos is central to what we do.

We seek to engage and partner with our clients to evaluate a range of potential design solutions, which take into account best practice, aesthetics, achievement of light technical parameters, energy efficiency as well as budget constraints, so we may identify the best fit solution for the project specific requirements.

Our clientele includes the public and private sector from local government through to aged care, education, mining, commercial interior and exterior urban spaces.

Our vision is to be the most trusted project lighting supplier.


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